Some Stabilities of Group Automorphisms

  • Akihiko Morimoto
Part of the Progress in Mathematics book series (PM, volume 14)


Let φ:M→M be a homeomorphism of a metric space (M,d) with distance function d. A (double) sequence {xi}i∈M of points xi ∈ M is called a δ-pseudo-orbit of φ iff d(φ(xi),xi+1) ≤ δ for every i∈Z, where δ>0 is a constant (cf. [2]). Given ε>0, a δ-pseudo-orbit {xi} is called to be ε-traced by a point y∈M iff d(φi (y),xi)≤ε for every i≤Z. We shall call φ stochastically stable, iff for any ε>0 there exists δ>0 such that every δ-pseudo-orbit of φ can be ε-traced by some point y∈M.


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