Biochemical Changes of the Arterial Wall in Atherosclerosis with Special Reference to Connective Tissue: Promising Experimental Avenues for their Prevention

  • Dieter M. Kramsch


In man atherosclerosis generally involves the large and medium sized arteries in which connective tissue proteins comprise more than half the dry weight. Connective tissue contributes to some of the most important alterations in the significant human lesion, the fibrous plaque. It is this lesion that poses the most serious threat to health and life. As recently reviewed by Smith and Smith (1976), it is still open to debate whether or not fibrous plaques, or at least some of them, develop from fatty streaks. We, therefore, will restrict our discussion to fibrous lesions. Fibrous lesions begin to develop in the second to third decade of life in almost all individuals of our type of society. However, it takes decades of slow growth before they produce clinical symptoms.


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