Essentials of Histological Staining: Dr. Holde Puchtler’s Contribution

  • Theodore H. Schiebler


Dr. Puchtler, Dr. McDonald, Dr. Chandler, distinguished colleagues, ladies and gentlemen: A wonderful day is drawing to a close — wonderful because it has enabled us to speak about that which interests us and unites us: a day that the Medical College of Georgia has dedicated in tribute to Dr. Puchtler. It is in the spirit of this tribute that I speak to you this evening. But first please allow me, Dr. Puchtler, to extend a greeting from the Old World. Both the Histochemische Gesellschaft and the Anatomische Gesellschaft have asked me to convey their sincere affection as well as their best wishes for your personal welfare and for the continuance of your valuable scientific work. We wish you the best that people and scientists can wish one another.

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