Neurogenic Elements in Rat Primary Hypertension: Differences Between Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats and the Milan Hypertensive Strain

  • B. Folkow
  • M. Hallbäck-Nordlander
  • S. Lundin
  • S. E. Ricksten
  • P. Thorén


The mistake is often made that the neurogenic contributions to primary hypertension imply a sustained and uniform sympathetic acceleration, more or less responsible for elevated resistance. Such misconceptions are, of course, bound to collide with experimental facts, and neurogenic influences are seldom rejected entirely, which certainly amounts to throwing the egg away with the shell.


Mean Arterial Pressure Primary Hypertension Sympathetic Discharge Average Mean Arterial Pressure Central Autonomic Control 
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  • B. Folkow
  • M. Hallbäck-Nordlander
  • S. Lundin
  • S. E. Ricksten
  • P. Thorén

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