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The subject of the present study is the generalized inverse Gaussian distribution whose probability density function is given by
$$ {\frac{{(\Psi /X)}}{{2{K_{\lambda }}\;(\sqrt {{X\psi }} )}}^{{\frac{\lambda }{2}}}}\;{X^{{\lambda - 1}}}{e^{{ - \frac{1}{2}({X^{{{X^{{ - 1}}}}}} + \psi X)}}}\quad (x > 0), $$
where Kλ is the modified Bessel function of the third kind and with index λ. Special cases of (1.1) are the gamma distribution (χ = 0, λ > 0)> the distribution of a reciprocal gamma variate (ψ = 0, λ < 0) (in the following denoted the reciprocal gamma distribution), the inverse Gaussian distribution (λ =-1/2) and the distribution of a reciprocal inverse Gaussian variate (λ = 1/2). Other important cases are λ = 0 (the hyperbola distribution) and λ = 1.


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