Introduction and Description of Experimental Ecosystems

  • George D. Grice
  • Michael R. Reeve


The Symposium on Enclosed Marine Experimental Ecosystems took place over 4 days between 13-16 August 1980 at the Institute of Ocean Sciences, which overlooks Saanich Inlet (Sidney, British Columbia, Canada). The location was the site of the CEPEX program (Controlled Ecosystem Pollution, later Populations, Experiment) during its 6 years of operation and had come to be associated with large enclosure work in the minds of many Symposium attendees, either through direct participation, or as visitors over this period. The Symposium was sponsored by the U.S. National Science Foundation as part of its final year of support to the CEPEX program and by the Canadian Research Council. The gathering attracted about 100 participants from 9 countries, and 45 papers were presented.


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