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The Status of the ParasitologY Literature: Linkages to Modern Biology

  • Kenneth S Warren
  • William Goffman
  • Eli Chernin


The first part of these studies was presented at a meeting, ”The Current Status and Future of Parasitology,ℌ in New Orleans in October 1980. In that paper the parasitology journals of the world were listed,as was the evolution of the major English - language journals in the field, the quantity of papers on parasitology in 19 English - language biomedical journals, and a qualitative analysis of the subject matter published in the four major English - language parasitology journals and three major English–language tropical medicine journals. It was concluded that the parasitology literature as defined quantitatively and qualitatively was deficient in subject matter related to the modern biological disciplines of immunology, biochemistry, and molecular biology.'


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  • William Goffman
  • Eli Chernin

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