Functional Analysis of the Glucocorticoid Receptor by Limited Proteolysis

  • Jan Carlstedt-Duke
  • Örjan Wrange
  • Sam Okret
  • John Stevens
  • Yee-Wan Stevens
  • Jan-Åke Gustafsson
Conference paper


Steroid hormones, like many other low-molecular-weight hormones and vitamins, exert their biological effect(s) via an intracellular receptor protein. Receptor proteins for each of the different groups of steroid hormones have been demonstrated. Thus, there are separate receptor proteins for androgens, estrogens, glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoids, progestins, and vitamin D, respectively. The current model for the mechanism of action of steroid hormones is shown in Fig. 1. This model has been used for the past 15 years and the reader is referred to the abundant review articles on this topic for the details originally supporting the model.


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  • Jan Carlstedt-Duke
  • Örjan Wrange
  • Sam Okret
  • John Stevens
  • Yee-Wan Stevens
  • Jan-Åke Gustafsson

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