The Anatomical Objectives of Operation

  • John P. Blandy


Prostatectomy is the name given to a variety of operations that extend from, at one extreme, the enucleation of 300 g of adenoma from a well-defined “capsule” to the transurethral resection of barely 5 g of tough fibrous tissue. The purpose of the operation (at least to the patient) is much the same. However, the anatomical objectives are certainly not the same, nor are they at all clearly understood. For the patient, the purpose of the operation is to relieve outflow obstruction of urine when it is complete, and to relieve symptoms when it is less than complete. For the patient’s doctor, there is another indication for performing the operation, i.e., to relieve outflow obstruction, even when symptoms are slight, before a certain critical stage is reached.6


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