Fisheries Research in Developing Countries

  • G. L. Kesteven
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The role of science and technology in economic development is a theme which holds a prominent place in the agenda of the United Nations and the specialized agencies. No less prominent is the place it commands in the minds of governments of developing countries. However, whereas the international community is most concerned with the immediate application of the results of scientific enquiry and the introduction of technological innovation in proportion that they promise economic return, the Third World must see science and technology in a different light. While Third World countries must, of course, seek the economic benefits that can come from successful application of the results of scientific research, the cultural effects of the conduct of scientific work, the political advantages of being masters of their own science, and the administrative and managerial consequences of participation in the planning and conduct of scientific research and interpretation of its results are perhaps of equal importance to them. Imported technology and secondhand science can have considerable effect (even if not always precisely the effect expected by the recipients) but such contributions maintain a recipient country in a dependent state. The conduct of one’s own science is as much a part of national integrity and independence as are the taking of one’s own political decisions and the preservation of one’s traditions.


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