Monoclonal Antibodies

Probes for the Study of Malignant T Cells
  • Elizabeth A. Harden
  • Thomas J. Palker
  • Barton F. Haynes
Part of the Contemporary Biomedicine book series (CB, volume 6)


The lymphoid malignancies have long been recognized as a heterogeneous group of disorders with respect to clinical presentation, course, and response to therapy (Frei and Sallan, 1978; Simone et al., 1975). The development of immunologic techniques defining lymphocyte subsets has provided insight into the cellular origin of these malignancies. Lymphocytes are commonly divided into two major groups. Bone marrow derived (B) lymphocytes are recognized by the presence of surface immunoglobulin (sIg), other lineage specific markers, and by their ability to be stimulated to produce immunoglobulin (Maino et al., 1977; Preud’homme and Seligmann, 1972). Thymus derived (T) lymphocytes are characterized by their ability to spontaneously bind sheep erythrocytes and express a number of lineage specific antigens at various stages of T-cell maturation (Reinherz et al., 1980b; Reinherz and Schlossman, 1980a; Reinherz and Schlossman, 1980b; Haynes, 1981). The distinction between malignancies derived from T or B lymphocytes has important clinical and diagnostic implications, in that patients with T-cell malignancies tend to have a more aggressive clinical course and poorer response to therapy compared to patients with B-cell malignancies (Frei and Sallan, 1978; Heideman et al., 1978). The development of heteroantisera directed against normal peripheral blood T cells further divided T cells into two functionally distinct subsets (Evans et al., 1978).


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