Remarks on the Development of a Multiblock Three-Dimensional Euler Code for out of Core and Multiprocessor Calculations

  • Antony Jameson
  • Stefan Leicher
  • Jef Dawson
Part of the Progress in Scientific Computing book series (PSC, volume 6)


Our purpose in this paper is to describe some of the problems which were presented by the development of a three-dimensional Euler code with a multiblock grid structure in which only a single block at a time is held in core, and the main data base is out of core. The initial development of the code was motivated by the need to use a much denser mesh than could be accommodated in the then available supercomputers, which had one or two million words of memory, in order to provide adequate resolution of complex three-dimensional flows.


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  • Stefan Leicher
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  • Jef Dawson
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