Knowledge Based and Database Systems: Enhancements, Coupling or Integration?

  • Yannis Vassiliou
Part of the Topics in Information Systems book series (TINF)


Position: The technologies in the areas of Knowledge Based or Expert Systems (KBS) and of Database Management Systems (DBMS) will play a major role in future Information Systems. Research issues present in a combined use of the two technologies have attracted researchers, both from Artificial Intelligence and Databases.

This short paper examines possible research strategies. They are basically three: (a) enhancements of existing systems, (b) coupling of independent systems, and (c) technology integration resulting in a new class of systems, which are not constrained by the objectives and design characteristics of Knowledge Based and Database Systems.

The position taken is: system enhancements present a short-term partial solution, coupling presents an easy and practical solution and although integration is elegant and promising, it may never lead to a practically acceptable solution.


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