The Field Verification Program: A Five Year Effort to Evaluate Disposal of Dredged Material in the Ocean and Alternate Locations

  • T. M. Dillon
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This contribution describes the research approach used in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Interagency Field Verification Program (FVP). Physical, chemical, and biological evaluative techniques are being conducted on sediment samples collected from a highly industrialized waterway prior to dredging. The same parameters will be measured in the field after disposal takes place. The accuracy and reproducibility of the laboratory predictions will be determined, and the ecological importance of the parameters measured will be assessed. Moreover, these assessment methodologies will be conducted under aquatic, intertidal, and confined upland disposal situations using the same sediment and during a single dredging operation. This approach should allow a relative evaluation of the three disposal alternatives. The information gathered during the FVP will help shape the implementation of U.S. environmental regulations governing dredging and disposal.


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