Metastatic Cardiac Tumors: Recognition of Pericardial, Myocardial, and Endocardial Involvement by Two-Dimensional Echocardiography

  • Morris N. Kotler


As patients survive longer as a result of improved chemotherapeutic regimens for cancer, metastatic invasion of the heart will occur more frequently and play a major role in the morbidity and mortality of such patients. Metastatic invasion of the heart by tumors occurs much more frequently than does primary cardiac neoplasm.1,2 Autopsy studies indicate that up to 1.5–25% of patients with a primary malignant tumor in another body organ (except the central nervous system) will have metastatic cardiac involvement.2–6 Carcinomas of the lung and breast, because of their high prevalence and proximity to the heart, are the most frequent sources of metastatic tumor.7–8 Pericardial metastases are more commonly encountered than myocardial metastases.9 Few instances of cardiac metastases are diagnosed ante mortem, since they are often silently, and usually minimal cardiac dysfunction is present.10,11


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