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Contributions to our understanding of trichomycetes have come from a large number of individuals, as can be confirmed by perusing the list of references at the end of this treatise. The historical sketch that follows will be limited to the relatively few individuals who have made especially notable contributions or who have in some way influenced concepts or helped to establish trends within the field. The reader is referred to publications by Duboscq et al. (1948), Manier (1950, 1969b), and Moss (1972) for additional comments of a historical nature, particularly concerning the earlier developmental years. The writer is indebted to Mlle. Manier for some of the biographical information in this chapter. Manier (1969b) offered the opinion that trichomycete studies can be conveniently divided into four periods of development, an opinion that this writer shares and follows in his presentation. These periods are defined not so much by the span of contributions by individual investigators as they are on new discoveries and emphases within each time frame.


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