Rayleigh Scattering of Mössbauer Radiation (RSMR): Data, Hydration Effects and Glass-like Dynamical Model of Biopolymers

  • V. I. Gol’danskii
  • Y. F. Krupyanskii
  • V. N. Fleurov
Part of the Proceedings in Life Sciences book series (LIFE SCIENCES)


Specific features of the Rayleigh Scattering of Mössbauer Radiation (RSMR) technique in the study of biological systems are described. Experimental data show that the temperature and hydration degree are the principal parameters which influence intramolecular mobility in biopolymers. Data in temperature dependencies of elastic fraction, f, and spectrum lineshape doesn’t fit either Debye or Einstein models of solids or the free diffusion in liquids and demand for their explanation a multimode approximation (i.e. a wide spectrum of correlation times, at T = 293K from 10-6 s to 10-12 – 10-13s). On the basis of RSMR, low temperature specific heat and x-ray dynamical analysis data and from the general considerations that macromolecule must be in a non-equilibrium state (an independent confirmation of this fact comes from the kinetic model of protein folding) a glass-like dynamical model of biopolymers is formulated. A possible interpretation of RSMR data shows that fluctuatively prepared tunneling between quasi-equilibrium positions (QEP) can prevail activated transitions up to a room temperature.


Human Serum Albumen Correlation Time Supercooled Liquid Atomic Group Hydration Degree 
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  • Y. F. Krupyanskii
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  • V. N. Fleurov
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