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The Patient with Mixed-Substance Abuse

  • Rogelio D. Bayog
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Alcohol abuse, combined with abuse of other substances, is a growing public health problem. People referred to a physician for drug-related problems are likely to report use of more than one type of psychoactive drug. A large-scale longitudinal study by Craddock et al of more than 11,000 clients seen in a drug treatment center from 1979 to 19811 indicated that drug users who entered treatment during this period had complex drug and alcohol use patterns. A typical client used alcohol, marijuana, and heroin several times a week plus cocaine several times a month (as well as other narcotics and minor tranquilizers at least monthly). Although there is a first drug of choice, many patients commonly use other mood-altering substances to treat withdrawal, modify the experience of intoxication, or change the high.


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