Increment Thresholds in Illusory Contour Line Patterns

  • Maxwell K. Jory


The increment threshold for a small spot of light has been used as a probe to investigate the brightness and physical intensity of stimulus patterns in terms of changes in sensitivity of the visual system. Increment thresholds have been measured in the center of a uniformly illuminated area (Cornsweet & Teller, 1965), near the borders between contrasting areas (Burkhardt, 1966; Fiorentini & Zoli, 1966, 1967; Novak & Sperling, 1963; Van Esen & Novak, 1974; Ward & Tansley, 1974; Wildman, 1974), across regions displaying Mach bands (Novak, 1969; Petry, Hood, & Goodkin, 1973), and across the apparent edge formed by illusory contours (Coren & Theodor, 1977).


Corn Retina Assimilation 


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