Characterization of the Nuclear Binding Sites (Acceptor Sites) for a Steroid Receptor

  • T. Spelsberg
  • A. Goldberger
  • J. Hora
  • M. Horton
  • B. Littlefield
Conference paper


The nuclear binding sites (acceptor sites) for steroid receptors are important because they represent the first nuclear event in the steroid alteration of gene transcription (Thrall et al., 1978; Spelsberg et al., 1983). Although steroids can affect the rate of processing and stability of mRNAs (Moore et al., 1984) as well as membrane transport, one of the major sites of action appears to be directed at the transcription of the genes. For steroids to regulate gene expression, an interaction between steroid hormone receptors and the nuclear “acceptor sites” in the genome is required. This laboratory has taken the approach of using cell-free nuclear-binding assays with intact chromatin, the native state of DNA in all living cells, to analyze these nuclear acceptor sites.


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  • T. Spelsberg
  • A. Goldberger
  • J. Hora
  • M. Horton
  • B. Littlefield

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