Intra- and Intercellular Aspects of the Hormonal Regulation of α2u-Globulin Gene Expression

  • A. K. Roy
  • F. H. Sarkar
  • C. V. R. Murty
  • D. Majumdar
  • W. F. Demyan
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Initial studies of Jensen and Jacobsen (1962), followed by results from many other laboratories, have led to the emergence of the present concept of molecular mechanism of hormone action whereby steroid hormones can ultimately influence gene expression by site-specific receptor-DNA interaction (Payvar et al., 1981). Using various model systems, most of the investigators have come to the conclusion that steroid hormones generally regulate cell functions through pretranslational regulation of target gene transcription. All of these conceptual models are based on the effect of one particular steroid hormone on a specific cell type. However, recent results from several sources have indicated the important, and in some cases critical, role of multicellular interactions in the mediation of hormone action (Kratochwil, 1969; Sakakura et al., 1976; Cunha et al., 1983). Initial studies in our laboratory were directed to explore the molecular mechanism of steroidal regulation of α2u-globulin synthesis in the rat liver. Further studies of the α2u-globulin model led to the appreciation of the multihormonal regulation of α2u-globulin gene expression (Roy, 1979; Roy et al., 1983). In this chapter we highlight recent results from our laboratory which indicate that the tissue architecture and cell-cell interactions can profoundly influence the ultimate hormone responsiveness in the regulation of α2u-globulin gene expression.


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  • A. K. Roy
  • F. H. Sarkar
  • C. V. R. Murty
  • D. Majumdar
  • W. F. Demyan

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