The Idea of a Center for Global Nonviolence

  • Glenn D. Paige
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As we look forward to the 21st century there is a need for a scholarly research, educational, and service institution to take up seriously the study of nonviolence as a contribution to global wellbeing. Such an Institution can help to liberate humankind from the self—fulfilling pessimism that violence from the family to the international community is inescapable. It can help to empower all with knowledge, skill, and confidence needed for creative discovery of nonviolent alternatives for overcoming threats to human survival in the areas of peace and security, economic justice, human rights, preservation of the biosphere, and global problem—solving cooperation. It can assist humanity on a voyage to discover its own nonviolent capabilities.


Conscientious Objection Gender Relationship Lethal Force Global Peace Nonviolent Manhood 
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