Magnetic X-Ray Scattering

  • Vladimir Alekseevich Belyakov
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In the previous chapter, we discussed the anisotropy of X-ray susceptibility and the physical effects due to this anisotropy. As was mentioned, one of the sources of that anisotropy is connected to the magnetic properties of solids, i.e., dependence of the interaction of X-rays with solids on the orbital and spin moments of the atoms in solids. Formally the magnetic anisotropy of the X-ray susceptibility was also discussed in the previous chapter, but the magnetic dependence of the X-ray interaction with crystals, as the latest investigations proved, appears to be very promising in the study of crystal magnetic structures. Recently, there has been a burst of interest in the magnetic interaction of X-rays with crystal, especially in connection to the fast growth of synchrotron radiation use in the problems of X-ray optics. There is an opinion that the magnetic dependence of X-ray scattering, due to application for investigations of synchrotron radiation, forms the basis for a new practical method of studying crystal magnetic structures. It is why the questions of magnetic X-ray scattering are addressed in a separate chapter.


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