The prototype equation for delayed negative feedback: periodic solutions

  • Odo Diekmann
  • Sjoerd M. Verduyn Lunel
  • Stephan A. van Gils
  • Hanns-Otto Walther
Part of the Applied Mathematical Sciences book series (AMS, volume 110)


In this chapter we study the nonlinear equation
$$ \dot x(t) = f(x(t - \alpha )) $$
where f: ℝ→ℝ is a continuous function. The positive parameter α is called the time lag. Equation (1.1) is the prototype for nonlinear delayed feedback. We shall see that the lag α can cause much more complex behaviour of solutions than in the ODE case α=0 where only monotone solutions converging to equilibria or infinity are possible. In particular, we shall prove the existence of periodic solutions (Section 5).


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  • Odo Diekmann
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  • Sjoerd M. Verduyn Lunel
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  • Stephan A. van Gils
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  5. 5.Mathematisches InstitutJustus-Leibig-UniversitätGiessenGermany

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