Cross-ambiguity function

  • Richard Tolimieri
  • Myoung An
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Suppose B is a subgroup of a finite abelian group A, Δ0 is the critical sampling subgroup
$${{\Delta }_{0}} = B \times {{B}_{*}},$$
and Δ is a subgroup of A × A*. Unless otherwise specified, F denotes the Zak transform of f over B.


Radar Convolution Sonar 


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  1. There is a large body of work on the ambiguity function especially in the continuous case. The main part of this chapter is a generalization of the work of Auslander-Tolimieri [2] which dealt mainly with the one-dimensional case of size two to a power. Wilcox [63] provided much of the basis of the early work on the ambiguity function for applications to radar. The ambiguity function is one of several time-frequency representations that have found their way into applications: the Wigner-Ville distribution [57], the exponential distribution [9], and the reduced interference distributions [25]. An excellent overview can be found in [11].Google Scholar

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