Viral-Chemical Combination Effects in Tumorigenesis

  • Yin-tak Woo


Shortly after the discovery of the first tumor virus by Rous (1) in 1911 and the first experimental demonstration of chemical induction of cancer in rabbit skin by painting coal tar by Yamagiwa and Ichikawa (2) in 1915, Rous and Kidd (3, 4) reported that tar enhanced the carcinogenic activity of the Shope papillomavirus for the rabbit skin. Since then, numerous reports of interaction between viruses and chemical carcinogens have been published (revs. 5–15) with the majority of these showing synergism. These findings have attracted increasing attention as evidence is mounting that human populations are often exposed to both viruses and chemical carcinogens and that the high incidence of human cancer in certain geographic areas can be attributed to viral-chemical synergistic action. The focus of this section is to review studies indicative of viral-chemical interaction in tumorigenesis in humans, experimental animals, and cell culture systems.


West Nile Virus Vaccinia Virus Chemical Carcinogen Rabbit Skin Cottontail Rabbit 
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Abbreviations Used


aflatoxin B1


adult T-cell leukemia




Burkitt’s lymphoma


bovine papillomavirus


cottontail rabbit papillomavirus




duck hepatitis B virus




Epstein-Barr virus


ground squirrel hepatitis virus


hepatitis B virus


hepatocellular carcinoma




human papillomavirus


human T-cell leukemia virus




murine leukemia virus


nasopharyngeal carcinoma


Shope fibromavirus


Shope papillomavirus,virus




vaccinia virus


woodchuck hepatitis virus


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