Modulation by Protein and Individual Amino Acids

  • Erwin J. Hawrylewicz


W. Roger Williams, commenting in 1908 on the relationship between excess dietary protein and growth of malignant tumors, wrote (1):

Malignant tumors in mankind and animals consist mainly of albuminous or protein substances; and it seems not unreasonable to suppose that they may be the outcome of excess of these substances in the body and especially of such of them as serve for nuclear pabulum. When excessive quantities of such highlight stimulating forms of nutrient are ingested, by beings whose cellular metabolism is defective, I believe there may thus be excited in those parts of the body where vital processes are most active, such excessive and disorderly proliferation as may eventuate in cancer.


Mammary Tumor Dietary Protein Tumor Incidence Casein Diet Dietary Protein Level 
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