Intercellular Communication: A Paradigm for the Interpretation of the Initiation/Promotion/Progression Model of Carcinogenesis

  • James E. Trosko
  • Chia-Cheng Chang
  • Burra V. Madhukar
  • Emmanuel Dupont


The insight provided by this quotation of Potter seems to have been lost or overshadowed by recent spectacular advances in the molecular biology of cancer. This is illustrated by the statement, “Understanding the cellular basis of cancer means being able to describe the biochemistry of the regulated pathways between cell surface and nucleus that control cell growth” (2). In spite of the success in elaborating the identity and structure of many oncogenes and their cellular products, as well as elucidating the details of several transmembrane signaling mechanisms, Varmus (3) has recently stated: “The hopes … must be balanced against pessimism borne of two long-standing frustrations in oncogenetics: (a) the failure to identify the relevant targets for the neoplastic action of oncogenes, even when the oncoproteins have provocative biochemical properties, such as protein kinase or guanine nucleotide binding activity …”.


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