HIV and Psoriasis

  • Joanna Badger
  • Timothy G. Berger
  • Charles Gambla
  • John Y. Koo
Part of the Allergy and Immunology book series (ALIM, volume 3)


Infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) may be complicated by psoriasis and/or an inflammatory arthritis. The clinical features of the arthritis are variable, and may resemble psoriatic arthritis or Reiter’s syndrome (1,2). The fact that both psoriasis and Reiter’s syndrome may present for the first time or be exacerbated by HIV infection suggests that HIV infection enhances or triggers the expression of these diseases in a susceptible individual (1,3). These diseases show significant etiological, clinical, and histological overlap, and are considered to be part of the same disease spectrum (2).


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