Cellular and Molecular Aspects of the A-Type Natriuretic Peptide

  • David G. Gardner
  • Jianming Wu
  • Branka Kovacic-Milivojevic
Part of the Contemporary Endocrinology book series (COE, volume 5)


Physiologists have long suspected that the cardiac atria play an important role in the regulation of intravascular volume and blood pressure. The first suggestive evidence that these structures might function as endocrine organs came from the studies of Kisch (1) that demonstrated the presence of membrane-bound secretory granules within atrial myocytes, a finding that was confirmed in the studies of Jamison and Palade (2) several years later. In 1981 DeBold et al. (3) demonstrated that extracts from atrial, but not ventricular, tissue effected a pronounced natriuresis in test animals. The active component of these extracts, the natriuretic factor or natriuretic peptides, as they are now known, immediately attracted the interest of physiologists, pharmacologists, cell and molecular biologists, and clinicians, reflecting their broad-based physiological effects, novel signal-transduction mechanisms, and potential therapeutic utility. This chapter will focus on the cell and molecular biology of the atrial, or A-type, natriuretic peptide. Where appropriate, efforts will be made to contrast and/or integrate these findings with those obtained for other members of the natriuretic peptide family.


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