Multiple Object Spectroscopy

  • Richard S. Ellis
  • Ian R. Parry
Part of the Santa Cruz Summer Workshops in Astronomy and Astrophysics book series (SANTA CRUZ)


We review current techniques for multiple object spectroscopy and discuss the new automated fibre positioner, AUTOFIB, recently commissioned on the AAT. We contrast the advantages and disadvantages of fibre optic couplers and multislit devices, especially at faint limits. Fibres offer large multiplex gains but spatial fluctuations in the sky background ultimately limit the precision to which sky subtraction can be done. We discuss a new widefield spectrograph that combines the sky subtraction advantages of slit work whilst maintaining the large multiobject capability of fibre optic couplers.


Faint Object Faint Galaxy Aperture Plate Faint Magnitude SmCo Magnet 
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  • Richard S. Ellis
  • Ian R. Parry

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