Towards Predictive Models for Coastal Marine Ecosystems

  • Kenneth H. Mann
Conference paper
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 67)


Of the various themes suggested for discussion in this volume, I have chosen to concentrate on the relationship between ecosystem ecology and population ecology. There are scientists devoted to championing the cause of one or the other of these approaches, and there are those who, baffled by the complexity of ecosystems, wonder whether it is sensible to continue that line of work when the general principles seem so elusive. My position is that ecosystems obviously exist, and those who are interested in them should be encouraged to study them. The outcome of their work may lack the fine scale of resolution of those who choose to study smaller, more narrowly defined problems, but conversely, ecosystems will not be understood in their entirety by making a large number of studies of subsystems.


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