Some Univariate Noise Probability Density Function Models

  • Saleem A. Kassam
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In this chapter we will apply the results we have derived so far to some particular models for univariate non-Gaussian noise probability density functions. The models we will consider have been found to be appropriate for modeling non-Gaussian noise in different systems. A large number of investigations have been carried out over the course of the last forty years on the characteristics of noise processes encountered in different environments. In particular, there has been much interest in characterization of underwater acoustic noise, urban and man-made RF noise, low-frequency atmospheric noise, and radar clutter noise. For such situations it is well-recognized that the mathematically appealing simple Gaussian noise model is often not at all appropriate. It is not within the scope of this book to detail the development of the non-Gaussian noise models that we will describe here, and we will have to refer the reader to the relevant literature to gain an understanding of the basis for the models.


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