Character, Attitudes, and Socialization

  • William F. Stone
  • Paul E. Schaffner


Mary Cragin’s photograph shows a slim, rather plain woman perhaps 5′6″ tall, weighing 130 pounds. Her short hair is dark brown, her eyes green. In spite of her plainness, Mary’s vivacity and cheerfulness made her seem very attractive; at Oneida she was much in demand for “interviews.” An affectionate person, Mary used Harriet Noyes as a confessor, an older friend and confidant. Mrs. Noyes wrote of Mary in 1840: “Mrs. C. told me that when she was a young lady she was called handsome, fascinating, by the opposite sex. She prided herself on having many admirers. She habitually enticed them with complaisance until she saw they were on the point of proposing marriage, and then treated them very coolly” (Robertson, 1977, p. 40).


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