Bacterial, Fungal, and Protozoan Infection After Marrow Transplantation

  • Joel Meyers
  • Finn B. Petersen
  • George W. Counts
  • Elizabeth C. Reed
  • Shawn J. Skerrett
  • Raleigh A. Bowden
  • Keith Sullivan
  • C. Dean Buckner
Part of the Experimental Hematology Today—1987 book series (HEMATOLOGY, volume 1987)


Bacterial, fungal, and occasionally protozoal infection continue to be important complications of marrow transplantation. Although bacterial infection as a primary cause of death is rare, such infection may add substantially to the morbidity and cost of transplantation. Moreover, bacterial infection is an important concomitant of both the treatment and outcome of acute graft versus host disease (GVHD). Fungal infection occurs less commonly than bacterial infection, but with a higher case fatality rate. Some fungi such as Aspergill us have emerged as frequent causes of death in individual transplant units [1].


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  • George W. Counts
  • Elizabeth C. Reed
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  • Raleigh A. Bowden
  • Keith Sullivan
  • C. Dean Buckner

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