Potential of LH Receptor as an Immunocontraceptive Vaccine: Studies in the Baboon (Papio)

  • Brij B. Saxena
  • Mukul Singh
Part of the Progress in Vaccinology book series (VACCINOLOGY, volume 1)


Among the new approaches, the immunological regulation of fertility has recently received considerable attention (7,14,15). Immunization against antigens present in the ovum, sperm, and placenta (1), especially the β-subunit of the chorionic gonadotropin, has demonstrated a potential of an immunocontraceptive vaccine (15). We have examined the concept of active immunization against lutenizing hormone (LH) receptor (12) on the ovarian function of female baboons (Papio), as shown in Figure 22.1. Our observations have indicated that LH receptor has a potential for the development of a contraceptive vaccine (13).


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