Steroid Response Elements. Definition of a Minimal Promoter and Interaction with Other Activating Sequences

  • W. Schmid
  • U. Strahle
  • R. Mestril
  • G. Klock
  • W. Ankenbauer
  • G. Schutz
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Control of gene expression by steroid hormones is exerted mainly by modulation of the transcriptional activity of the regulated genes. The response to the various steroid hormones is highly specific. It is mediated by binding of the hormone to its specific receptor which, after binding, attains the capacity to recognize a specific DNA region on regulated genes. This receptor-DNA interaction eventually leads in a still-unknown way to an increase of the rate of transcription of the target gene (Yamamoto, 1985).


Glucocorticoid Receptor Estrogen Response Element Glucocorticoid Response Element Hormone Inducibility Hormone Response Element 
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  • U. Strahle
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  • R. Mestril
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  • G. Klock
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  • W. Ankenbauer
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