Head and Neck Cancer in Minority Populations

  • Isaiah W. Dimery
  • Waun Ki Hong
  • Robert M. Byers


Although they account for only 5% of cancers, cancers of the head and neck are among the most devastating in terms of their effects on the patient and his family. Because most of these tumors are readily evident at some point as an abnormal swelling in the face or neck and are accompanied by hoarseness, pain, difficulty in swallowing, or weight loss, one would assume early diagnosis to be the rule. In fact, however, because of a combination of factors (denial, inaccessibility of prompt medical care, initial misdiagnosis, the aggressive growth characteristics of the tumor, or even sometimes the initial absence of symptoms), most patients have advanced disease at diagnosis, and only about a third of these patients are successfully treated with the standard approaches of surgery, radiation therapy, and a combination of these modalities.


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  • Waun Ki Hong
  • Robert M. Byers

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