Cancer of the Cervix in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas

  • Mario O. Gonzalez


My purpose here is threefold. I shall try to present an overall description of the patient population in the South Texas Valley region with cancer of the cervix. (The population of this geographic region is predominantly Hispanic.) Second, I shall assess the place of this group in the overall state population, and third, I shall review a series of patients with cancer of the cervix treated at the Rio Grande Cancer Treatment Center in McAllen, Texas. Detailed descriptions and statistics of disease characteristics such as survival and death rates, tumor grade, and stage of disease are not included because I believe them to be not fundamental to this section of the book. Suffice it to say that survival rates for patients with cervical cancer in the valley region of South Texas parallel standard survival curves reported in the United States and Puerto Rico for persons of similar ethnic background, disease stage, grade, and type of treatment. Our patients do as well as those treated in other parts of the country, although, as will be shown later, they come to treatment with more advanced stages of disease.


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