Least Squares Problems

  • Heinz Rutishauser


We consider once again a system of nonlinear equations
$$\begin{array}{*{20}{c}} {{f_1}\left( {{x_1},{x_2}, \cdots ,{x_p}} \right) = 0} \\ {{f_2}\left( {{x_1},{x_2}, \cdots ,{x_p}} \right) = 0} \\ \vdots \\ {{f_n}\left( {{x_1},{x_2}, \cdots ,{x_p}} \right) = 0,} \end{array}$$
but now assume that the number n of equations is larger than the number pof unknowns.


Computational Implementation Schmidt Orthogonalization Orthogonalization Process Householder Transformation Trust Region Strategy 
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