Purification of A1 Adenosine Receptor of Rat Brain Membranes by Affinity Chromatography

  • H. Nakata
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Adenosine receptors are one of the receptors which are coupled with adenylate cyclase system via G proteins. A1 adenosine receptor (ADOR) which is coupled to adenylate cyclase in the inhibitory manner has been well characterized pharmacologically and biochemically in various tissues. However, more detailed molecular characterization of ADOR has been difficult mainly due to the lack of a purified receptor preparation. Recently, an affinity chromatography system was developed for the purification of ADOR from rat brain membranes using xanthine amine congener (XAC) as an immobilized ligand (Nakata, 1989a), although only 150-fold purification of ADOR was achieved in that study. In this report, an improvement of the affinity chromatography and the purification of ADOR from rat brain membranes to apparent homogeneity are presented (Nakata, 1989b).


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