Conclusions: Perspectives for Future Study of Human Plaques

  • Seymour Glagov
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The contributions which form the basis for the present volume covered most aspects of the pathobiology of the human atherosclerotic plaque. A group of papers dealt with the identification, biology and possible roles of plaque cells. Others were concerned with the manner in which plaque components are organized and distributed. Several analyzed the particular pathobiologic processes which can be identified and characterized in plaques. Chemical, morphological and insudative phenomena which appear to preceed plaque formation received attention in extended studies. The role of the artery wall matrix as it interacts both with insudate and with artery wall cells was another major subject. The contributors presented what they considered to be the best operational working hypotheses concerning the relative roles of the various cell types, matrix elements and intimal deposits during the evolution of the human atherosclerotic plaque.


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