Advice to New Managers

  • Thomas E. Drabek


Each of these 12 successful managers could serve as a role model for anyone taking a job in emergency management or any other type of public agency. They had some pointed and highly perceptive advice for newcomers. To cross-validate their reports of their activities and perceptions and to broaden the information base, I asked each of the other 79 executives I interviewed what a new manager could learn for them. I injected the name of the community and the local emergency manager’s name into the following question:

“Before I leave, one last question. If you were talking to a person who had just taken the job as emergency manager in a place like (name of community), what aspect of the way (director’s name) does the job would you single out for him or her. What could he or she learn from (director’s name) that might increase his or her chances of success?”


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