Prenatal Diagnosis of Renal and Urinary Tract Abnormalities

  • Philippe Jeanty
  • Manfred Hansmann


Prenatal diagnosis of renal and urinary tract abnormalities may be achieved by fetal ultrasonography. With improvement in techniques used to obtain and study fetal tissue, the prenatal diagnosis of conditions associated with renal disease also became possible. Sonographically diagnosed malformations occur in about 0.5% of fetuses, 50% of which are due to renal tract abnormalities (1). Of pregnancies with positive family history of renal tract anomalies, 8% were also found to have urinary tract abnormalities by ultrasound (2). In this chapter, we will review the indications and techniques of prenatal diagnosis of renal tract anomalies, present some of the commonly seen ones and touch on the management and follow-up of affected fetuses.


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