Sunrise: A High-Performance 32-Bit Microprocessor

  • Masood Namjoo
  • Anant Agrawal
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This article describes Sunrise processor which is the first implementation of the SPARC architecture, Sun Microsystems’ new 32-bit RISC architecture. Sunrise is a high-performance microprocessor designed by Sun Microsystems using Fujitsu’s high-speed CMOS gate-array technology. With a typical cycle time of 50ns, the sustained performance of Sunrise processor exceeds 10 MIPS when executing instructions from a reasonable size cache. In a typical system the Sunrise processor works with a floating-point controller chip, also designed by Sun Microsystems, and two commercial floating-point arithmetic processors, such as Weitek W1164 and W1165, and a high speed cache. The cache is an important factor in the performance of the Sunrise processor and must be capable of delivering one instruction to the processor in every cycle. For this reason, the pipeline and control are optimized for a cache-based system.


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