Overview of the Initial Conditions for Reconstruction

  • Robert Geipel
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For an appropriate evaluation of any reconstruction it is necessary to go back to the initial conditions of an area, because the roots of success or failure reach far back into predisaster periods. Therefore it should be kept in mind that reconstruction cannot be evaluated on the basis of the mere physical appearance of an area alone (new houses occupied, firms flourishing, people in jobs, administration and infrastructure working well). What would be the status of the study area with and without the disaster? How would a disaster of a given extent affect an area with only slightly different characteristics (of history, people’s mentality, socioeconomic development, location within the global/national/regional framework)? The example of Friuli may contain a lesson for the kind of hazard research that in searching for “laws” fails to take heed of individualities, especially in the context of a highly developed country like Italy with its cultural diversity.


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