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Rice α-Amylase and Gibberellin Action—A Personal View

  • T. Akazawa
  • J. Yamaguchi
  • M. Hayashi
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An American colleague many years ago remarked to me that “you are better off not working on plant hormone and photosynthesis; if you do, you will get yourself lost in the labyrinth!”. We have not published papers dealing with the gibberellin (GA) effect on enzymatic breakdown of starch except for reporting a few negative results, but this is not necessarily because of this friend’s advice. Rather, I had some fond memories of GA research during my youthful days in America. I was a member of the class of 1950 at the University of Tokyo. Some of my classmates were engaged in the isolation and structural characterization of GAs and had a really difficult time because of the awful laboratory conditions during the postwar period. Therefore, I tremendously appreciated the advancements on GA research made in various laboratories in the United States. When I was a graduate student at the University of California—Berkeley (1956–57), I had the opportunity to attend double-header seminars given by Bernie Phinney and Anton Lang. I was truly fascinated by their remarkable discoveries concerning the effect of GAs on plant growth. Later, H. Tamiya told me that a lecture given by Y. Sumiki at the International Congress of Microbiology in Brazil was a memorable one, arousing the participants’ interests in this mysterious plant hormone hitherto unknown to scientists other than Japanese.


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  • J. Yamaguchi
  • M. Hayashi

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