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X-Ray Spectroscopy of Young Supernova Remnants: Mixing in the Ejecta of Type I and II Supernovae

  • John P. Hughes
Part of the Santa Cruz Summer Workshops in Astronomy and Astrophysics book series (SANTA CRUZ)


Supernova remnants (SNRs) are the product of stellar explosions. From them we can learn much about the late stages of stellar evolution, mass-loss processes in stars, and explosive nucleosynthesis. The events involve the ejection of several solar masses of material at velocities reaching 104 km s–1 into the circumstellar and interstellar medium. It is possible to observe radio, optical, and X-ray emission from SNRs with ages ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of years old. Remnants represent a significant input of energy and matter into the galaxy as a whole and thus axe important contributors to the overall dynamical and chemical evolution of the galaxy.


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