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The Stability of Point Explosion Models

  • M. Den
  • H. Hanami
  • Y. Yamada
  • T. Nakamura
Conference paper
Part of the Santa Cruz Summer Workshops in Astronomy and Astrophysics book series (SANTA CRUZ)


Observations of SN1987A strongly suggest that mixing has occured in the star and that the shock propagating system within inhomogeneous medium is very unstable. Several authors are working on this probelm and whether the instability occurs or not [1] ~ [3] and where is the most unstable are clarified[4], the exact growth rate of such instability is not still known. Then using the class of Sedov solutions which are analytical solutions of point explosion model, we study the problem of a strong shock in a medium witha power-law density profile and obtain the growth rate, the characteristic mode and the behavior of the perturbation. Although real star has not power-law density distribution, it is expected that the analysis here can be applized to local region of the star.


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  • M. Den
  • H. Hanami
  • Y. Yamada
  • T. Nakamura

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