Spurious Poles in Diagonal Rational Approximation

  • D. S. Lubinsky
Conference paper
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Any function f meromorphic in C admits fast rational approximation. That is, if K is a compact set in which f is analytic, there exist rational functions R n of type (n,n),n ≥ 1, such that
$$\mathop {\lim }\limits_{n \to \infty } \left\| {f - {R_n}} \right\|_{{L_\infty }(K)}^{1/n} = 0$$
. More generally, any function f defined on an open set U, and admitting such approximation on a compact KU with positive logarithmic capacity, is said to belong to the Gonchar-Walsh Class on U. We discuss at an introductory, non-technical, level, the problem of spurious poles for diagonal and sectorial sequences of rational approximants to functions in the Gonchar-Walsh class. In particular, we concentrate on some recent positive results on the distribution of poles, and some of their consequences.


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